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On Media And Television: Cultural Programming


Television. It’s got the attention of millions as does the great media companies of the internet. Television provide you with a seemingly great amount of choice – hundreds of channels. I feel they are depicting similar ideals and ideas etc. So is it really that much choice? How come my view is never on there?

As I get older I find I’m watching less television. I had never really watched much in my teen years. I find most television programs are just time wasters/ time killers.

Oh Television ! – Tell me how to think, act and behave. Mold me.

En Mass

They are primarily designed for the mass population, mass consumption, the zonked out of their minds where they just want to be consoled and pacified by the television, Netflix or what have you.

Among my artistic friends this is a common view about television, a common conviction we share.  That we would rather create something as artists then have the television drown our brains out – drown independent thought. Being creative in multiple endeavors would pass the time productively in my opinion.

I’m of the opinion television is getting worse. Companies may have greater budgets and greater fan bases, but these programs Inspire very little.

I find news to be of some value, specifically local news, even then the overall viewing time can probably be broken down to a reading time of less than 10 minutes.

Any worthy news will eventually hit you second hand. If it’s worth knowing.

In my youth, I enjoyed animated cartoons, but in addition I had a creative instinct. It wasn’t so much music at that time. I usually enjoyed playing outside or drawing and illustrating.

Today my activies include writing, drawing and composing or creating music and sound design. I think it’s great to have the capacity to enjoy these different creative tools, it engages the  mind with discipline and creativity, more so than the television ever could.

Television dulls and lulls the mind. If you don’t work that creative muscle inside your self, it will atrophy.


As I think of television, I’m always reminded by the film known as Network

It was a profound movie on the implications of media. I really can’t begin to fathom how this movie got released in 1976. Such a potent film.

“You think like a tube, You eat like a tube you act like a tube”

Cultural Programming

In many ways, TV is the cultural programmer of reality. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, there will always be a bias on TV – this is one of things I find completely unappealing. There are biases inherited in these programs just as much there also may be political agendas.

It is a challenge to watch television without any critical thinking. Most ideas can be broken down by examining the how or the why?

TV – the original cultural programmer, people like to believe they are not so easily swayed by TV, whether or not that is the case, whether you have access or not. The cultural environment is perpetuated by the people around you that do access it.

Understanding that culture can be shaped by television and understanding that to remove oneself from culture and television requires a certain level of intelligence.

Reasons for this being:

  1. You need an objective mind to analyze and interpret it.
  2. You need a creative mind to supersede previous notions put in place

Thus, my implication that a certain level of intelligence and courage is required to step away from the tube.

It’s almost like sailing across oceans and expanding on new islands to build on new ideas and ideals one you realize this is the case.

Fear And Control

I believe we can agree that diversification is essential in coming up with one’s own opinion. Otherwise, it will be biased or conditioned.

Truth may be dispelled with the retention of some minor facts. It doesn’t give you the big picture of all ideas, if it is only sourcing certain areas and positions.

Media is a form of cultural programming as much as it is a form of control and fear.

Fear is a good recipe to sell advertising and emotionally stir people up.

It should be well known by now that the greatest media networks are all connected.

I don’t think their content would be diverse enough to implicate all the ideas I have exposed.

But If one person owns the soapbox, you are getting everything second hand, filtered. The general consensus is controlled.

Corporate control is apparent.

This is isn’t about “sticking it to the man” or anything like that. To me it is just noticing what is apparent.

Television is a tool to control the mass, through networks keen on the same mentality. With that sameness it perpetuates and drives the culture. When drivers of culture are baseless immoral and unjust you have a potential recipe for disorder if it is of the order to misguide people’s value and ideals.


Let the implications of this wash over you.

Whatever direction that those who are in control will flow where it wants to flow. Whether wrong or not. The question is why? And Why does it flow in this way? Do these corporations have your best interest in mind? Or are they just their to please shareholders?

I find it tremendously challenging to watch television today because of these ideas.

Another thing that this implies is that the effect of control and programming can easily be mirrored and examined on to the internet.

The more questions you ask, the closer you may get to truth I say. But the downside to it is that it can be alienating when you have friends that consume media voraciously with a dull eye, believing nothing is wrong, no care to perceive reality.

I probably had this inkling of perception of tv and culture from a young age as a teenager, especially since the advent of the interent allow me to become expose to thinkers that would agree with my notions. I think my environment of nonconformity also propelled me to investigate different people and their ideas.

One such person is Terence McKenna a fantastic speaker. This little excerpt of McKenna on culture is guided suited towards to this post as well as Manly P. Hall.

So get away from the tube when/if you can.

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