Lazy People Think Fitness Is Solely For Vanity – The Real Effects Of Fitness


When you can access people’s limiting beliefs and their excuses to life you can understand someone really well. Your attitude is essential in keeping to your goals. Excuses that come out of a person a 100 miles a minute are not worth listening to.

“You can’t”

“You won’t”

“I don’t think I can”

People think fitness is solely for vanity when it’s not. People that don’t know what they are talking about tend jibber-jabber when they barely understand. They cannot begin to comprehend.

On the surface level maybe the person that is in fitness intentionally does it for vanity or to attract potential mates.

But whether or not this is true what I have found within myself is that physical aspects of looking fit are perhaps one the most minimal. What people can’t see is far greater.

Aesthetics it is definitely a representation of the will and effort used. Muscle is the byproduct of intention and will.

But you begin understand your body, You become in tune with your body.

Your mind is clearer

The mental clarity is substantial. Working out the body is a kin to meditation. If you are doing it in a certain fashion, when the weight you are pushing is heavy and solid, the struggle, the effort exerted screeches the hamster wheel of the mind.

It is best described as pin-point focus. It is only you and dumbbell. It is you and the barbell. No distractions. All chatter is disintegrated. You become your body and you become the movement and the exercise.

Early when I started working out, I realized what it’s all about and with that, I find what it was I needed to do

You’re less likely to be emotionally flustered

When you have a mind/emotion/body connection there’s less movement between functions. If these aren’t connected you’ll have dysfunctions within each category. It all happens sequentially.

Whereas with no exercise it can be considered a digital pinging on it’s own end. It’s all sort of step after step to reach mind body emotion.

While having doing the work it is all analog a more organized flow betwee mind body emotion. Considering the mind/emotion and body are connecting and when there is action between one of these function it happens correctly.

If you don’t work out, you don’t understand the mechanics of your body. What you are feeling inside of you, what you are not feeling, what you are needing can not be properly determined.

Consider your body a horse and your mind as a carriage, It is like taking the horse and carriage out to life and you are not taking the horse. The horse is not maintained.

It’s the body that drives us. We must maintain it. Not for vanity. Not simply for aesthetics.

It is like changing oil in your car, or tuning your piano. If the muscles aren’t stretched and used it will atrophy.

It’s improving the little aspects of your life (mind/emotion/body)  that you improve yourself as a whole.

I think once there is a connection achieve it can translate into a four the prism of function which I would claim is funneled by these functions and that would be soul.

People that I’ve met that aren’t interesting in building the body don’t appear to get riled up as easily. It’s as if all the bodies energies spent in a work out can not be reproduce in an emotional obstacle.

I think people who train tend to have a much more cheerful disposition. It probably helps to have a dopamine and surge of testosterone rushing threw the brain and body.


When excercise is done in the morning especially the roughest part of the day is over. Before work, before any tasks that you need to get done.

Confidence develops from diligently work on a task repeatedly, routinely, without any obstacle in the way of your goals. When you have that repititive nature and the ability to exercise on “bad days” you gather a strength from that. It’s a very positive feedback loop.

It’s like with any activity. At first, you’re a little loose and unsure of yourself and what exactly you have to do. But when you have the consistency you will have gained a deep confidence in yourself, knowing you can achieve what you set out to do.

The mere acknowledgement that you worked in a new endeavour and easily managed and manipulated and directe where you wanted to go is proof is validation for your mind, your ego. That you are not the person you started out as.


You have developed and you are growing with your mind and you body. The body is just a reflection of that growth.

It may appear vain on the surface because aesthetics comes into attention when looking at person that has worked their muscles like a bodybuilder for instance.

Always remember there is always hard work behind every smallest detail, behind the veils of sprezzatura. People work hard to achieve anything in this life.

If you are by a gym you notice people noticing themselves in the mirror, they are not just checking form.

With a new positivity and energy circulating in you can become more creative and focused to things you need to do and things you don’t want to and must do.

As evidence that energy and creativity are linked, ask yourself if you are more creative before or after a strong cup of coffee. – Mangan  (Rogue Health And Fitness)

Don’t Miss A Workout

When I miss a day of exercise, there’s a sense of guilt – even just one day. Perhaps it’s obsessive for the average person. I’m inclined to workout when my body has gotten so accustomed to it.

By design the body needs to move. If we didn’t have supermarkets and we would still be hunter gatherers we would require exercise.

Today people live and lead such sedentary lifestyles that anyone with a thinking mind will wonder what exactly is going on?

You only have one body and I think it should be accelerated to it’s utmost potential. Aspire for the greatest body achievable.

When you are always striving you are always thriving, striving and thriving sounds like a winning attitude. Pushing and being persistent. That is greatest kind of mindset.


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