On Media And Television: Cultural Programming


Television. It's got the attention of millions as does the great media companies of the internet. Television provide you with a seemingly great amount of choice – hundreds of channels. I feel they are depicting similar ideals and ideas etc. So is it really that much choice? How come my view is never on there? As I get older I …


On Living Forever: Technology And The Infinite Artist


Writing inspiration today : Pink Floyd's - Dark Side of The Moon "I Wanna Live Forever" I’ve claimed the authentic artist wants to live forever, to be passed on in time. At first glance, it may seem egoistic, but if there’s positive value being provided I think it’s a worthy goal that should be taken up. …

Lazy People Think Fitness Is Solely For Vanity – The Real Effects Of Fitness


When you can access people’s limiting beliefs and their excuses to life you can understand someone really well. Your attitude is essential in keeping to your goals. Excuses that come out of a person a 100 miles a minute are not worth listening to. “You can’t” “You won’t” “I don’t think I can” People think …