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At The Grip Of An Audience: How Being Authentic Is Golden

Grip Of The Audience

I wonder how many artists musical or other mediums have struggled with deciding whether or not they should pander to their audience. It’s a problem because you become locked in an approval seeking, validation seeking mode.

It must be horrible to be at the grips of your audience. They own you, in a sense.

It’s a problem because you are constantly pinging back and forth to prove your value.

In an approval seeking mode you become like a clown trying to entertain and please,  juggling with furrowed eyebrows wondering when the next cheer for you is gonna appear.

Under the wrong circumstances it can even seem like an abusive role. It is people just playing roles. Losing themselves in an entire mode.

I’ve noticed this by looking at famous musicians and artists. Though there are exceptions.

You can see dynamics shift when people blow up and become huge. It something that grips famous people, unless they are super conscious of themselves and hyper aware of themselves.

I’m not saying that pandering to the audience is a bad thing but when you get in a certain mode that stifles your role, ideas and creativity it can become limiting.

When it’s demeaning, when their is a loss of appreciation of the beauty put behind the work. If there is little to nothing to appreciate as something that has lost artistic integrity.

Especially if someone comes from a notable position to reinstate themselves and they end up becoming as a “thing for other things,” – a tool.

I believe the more you are invested in your work, the greater you will find the ability for self-discovery.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

Creative Differences

Today, whenever I record and perform a remix for anybody, I’m always glad when I’m given complete freedom to do what I wish to do.

Amusingly, in some case I do not ask for individual tracks / stems for a remix project and when I share from out of the blue, they end up enjoying anyway, it is a blind yet highly creative touch.

If someone entertains the idea of using for their project or film, I usually have to become synchronized with the project and director. This was definitely the case for my last project.

I have turned down smaller projects in the past for not being on the same wavelength of a film or director. It may be for a simple project or one that is more complex. For money or not.

Why would someone ask you specifically if you can not do it your own way. It’s self negating to deny someone creative confines with few provisions.

Someone pointing the finger in your direction, should be fulfilled as you see fit. Yet not hinder the original artistic vision and the ultimate goal. It should be harmonious.

There must be a mutual communication and cohesion between parties for anything to really take off and create a lasting, dynamic work.

Project Your Value

What do you stand for? Who are you? What do you value?

I think when people that have things happen to them without questioning themselves they might get in accidental patterns sweeping them in the direction of emotion.

These are those moments that expel a “seemed right at the time” rather than a conscious decision or choice. Without any self motivation or self-control.

People see you being you, they will enjoy it. They see themselves in you. It’s like a reflection.

Being yourself people get it. When you aren’t trying to appeal to anyone but just following (as fruity as it may sound) the waves of your soul.

Authenticity is magnetic.

Authenticity is magnetic. I thought of this and asked myself why?

When someone is being themselves, without layers, playing roles, BS, in the moment, the personality shines. It’s gripping.

I know with my friends and people I find interesting it’s always someone that are doing their own thing and they are authentic.

Catch your own wave.

Unique is favourable.

Same is lame.

When you uncover yourself and an audience is really gripped by you rather than the other way around you can get good momentum and into a flow of things.

You can’t appeal to everyone. But you might as well bring your sweat into your art.

You can’t ram it down everyone’s face and expect everyone to enjoy it, but the one’s that will, really get it.

It’s like dripping your own blood in the song, unraveling your DNA on to a piece of art.

Make it you and it’s golden.

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