Designing Sounds For Electronic Music Production


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sound design. Instead of simply doing synthesizer presets I’ve decided to also to create multi-format kits in addition to patches.

Thus far, I have 3 folders and they are shaping up to be pretty interesting titles. One of them is just sound effects, swells, warbles, sweeps, transition effects, impacts and such.

Some of the sounds resemble creatures. I’m working my up to create hundreds for a series. Whatever sound happens to pop in my head it gets transmutated through the vibrations and out the speakers. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve titled this one folder “Industrial_SFX” but they can easily be swapped into any style of electronica. I decided why not create my own noises for later.

It’s fantastic when you have several sounds setup to use for later. When I’m experimenting with the sound I always ask myself “Can I or someone else use this in a track?” It’s usually an interesting usable sound, when it’s a yes.

I’m trying to create something sonically interesting for people, since so many times I purchase a soundkit and only some parts seem to be usable, I find myself flipping through an interesting sound readily. Sometimes I wonder if the sound designer is an actual producer or they are just trying quickly create a block of sounds that are so-so just to fill space.

There are several different articulations, dynamics and timbres in my series. I find the ones that satiate my tastes the mosts are often dark, metallic and dissonant. Though there are some more pleasant. It does range from gentle to more abrasive.

I’m creating these sounds either through general synthesis, granular synthesis or a combination of both and with a buttload of processing.  Processing effects can be anything from a waveshaper, distortion, am/fm ring mod, bitcrush, delay, reverb and more.  I’m using FL Studio more as a table to hold the contents of what I’m working with rather than using it’s main tools. But it’s great to work with in this case. I own Reaktor and it’s phenomenal and powerful. I’ll probably be exploring more of that for sound design under the hood of FL Studio, as well.

Everyone always buys new gear when they haven’t fully explored all their old gear haha.

Another folder is drum loops that I create from scratch, highly effected, mutated and distorted, they are primarily for hardcore, industrial, dubstep style.

The third folder contains several breakbeat patterns using 808 drum samples. It has it’s moment of interesting rhythms.

I’ve also been watching several different clips on foley, it’s a very interesting field. Recording field sound and coming up with different timbres, sonic sounds to compliment imagery on screen.

I find it easier to create .WAV sounds than it is to create synthesizer patches and the potential for users to process and rearrange .WAV sounds in their own personal Digital Audio Workstation is better and wider ranged than having presets handled to a user base that only own Native Instrument’s Massive Synthesizer.

At the moment this may be for personal use but who knows maybe someday it  will be publicly released.


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