Fasting For The Brain And Bulge

In the news, you constantly hear about how people are always increasing their waistlines. You see ads about new diet plans, fat-loss tabs that only jack up your heart rate while you do nothing, commercials for new exercise equipment that people will buy, use once and play the game of who can collect the most dust.


Instant gratification is always fantastic when dopamine serves you and gives your brain a kick.

 But it is fruitless with no exercise and an over consumption –  a surplus of food.

People lack will or integrity but when you have the patience and dedication you overcome the self-indulgence overtime.

 Gluttony is a problem today and with no sense of shame it doubles.

 Body Positive

 “Body Positive” is not what I thought it was. 

There is a national lack of self-responsibility, heinous attitudes of “feeling good in your skin” such as “body positive”.

These types of attitudes remove accountability to a society, when that kind of mindset is promoted, it’s conditional, it’s limiting.

I have nothing against feeling good in your skin, people that go to the gym should be commended regardless of whether they are fat or not. But inactivity and poor eating habits should not be paraded as something virtuous.

People that push obesity as something attractive are delusional to the utmost and more evidence is proving so. One point is that its understood that it lowers your IQ:

 “Dr Maxime Cournot, who headed the study, suggested that hormones secreted from fats could have a damaging effect on cerebral cells, resulting in decreased brain function. “Another explanation could be that since obesity is a widely known cardiovascular risk factor, due to the thickening and hardening of the blood vessels, that the same happens with the arteries in the brain,” said Dr Cournot, an assistant professor in clinical epidemiology at Toulouse University Hospital.”.

 People will argue “but who is one to judge?” The lack of standard and international declining health is a worthy enough reason to judge over a loosely based sense of injustice, indignation and prejudice.

 It’s an empty rhyme.  It’s the easy way out.

 To me, THIS is what “body positive” should be (and what I thought it was originally.) :


Diabetes is on the rise.

Heart problems are all too common.

People grow up with poor habits surrounded by a family that have poor habits or friends that have poor habits.

Connect those poor habits with bad choices and self indulgences and *poof* you have problems with obesity.

Poor Diet, Nutrition

Large Coffee Lattes with sugars. Large Cokes. Huge meals. Sugary Snacks.

 Lack of nutrients.


Corn Syrup is found in too many high sugar foods.

Soy found in almost all foods is not such a good thing

The inflammatory foods, the lack of Omega-3’s in the diet.

 The foods we eat is fuel for our mind, for the way we live and act. Serve yourself the incorrect things and you won’t be as responsive.

Eating right with a balanced diet should go along with exercise, people should follow it religiously.

 Lack of Exercise

 Lack of exercise is probably last and least favoured mechanism for weight loss. Nobody wants to do it. But in conjunction with diet it is potent.  

If you have people exercising to their full potential and eating poorly, you have a poor situation of people getting hungrier after exercise, eating more calories than necessary and eating it from junk food while keeping up with moderate exercise.

Fitness and diet should always go hand in hand.

Most people must realize that requires dedication and consistency to keep up with a regiment.

If exercise should be implemented in a system apart from school physical education, there should be some kind of programs where the youth continue to have fitness habits away from school. 

If you capture the youth and teach them young it will help them when they grow up in keeping responsible habits. 

Exercise is probably the most difficult thing to keep as a habit and I don’t see it being upheld daily in countries, that’s why I would propose the next point.


Education is crucial today begin to ask myself who has the best ratios and worst ratios for obesity and does education reflect whether or not people become overweight.

 Recently there are numerous policies being put in place,  but I wonder how much it will actually change. Time will tell.

 “A growing number of countries have adopted policies to prevent obesity from spreading further. Mexico, for instance, has launched one of the most comprehensive government strategies to address the problem in 2013, including awareness-raising, healthcare, regulatory and fiscal measures.”

 The United States is the largest country. 34% of people are OBESE. Incredible.

 Mexico is second. Followed by New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

I notice when I walk in my town. Objectively, the majority of people I see are overweight. It is unbelievable. It’s a problem.

People blame numerous things, parents, teachers, bad-cheap food etc.

But the blame-game never stops until people take personal responsibility.

When parents are irresponsible and can’t take care of themselves nor can they take care of their children. Big Daddy (The State) should probably intervene, provide a guiding hand.

I know education is important but it can be a mixed bag.  I think It is effective to a degree. I’m not fully convinced it’s completely a matter of educating the population.

While you can teach a person what is right and wrong you are not teaching them how to handle their impulsiveness or self-control. Which may be another thread on its own.


Here is clip by Mark Mattson on Fasting I stumbled upon.

It’s incredible the research that has come from this, there are several studies.

People with little to no activity in their days (like working in an office) should probably consider 2 meals a day, skipping breakfast. (I’m not a doctor or dietician. Ask around to see what is suitable for you.)

I believe the body was designed to move, but if you don’t live an active lifestyle, 2 meals may be enough.

I’ll occasionally do a fast, depending. Sometimes I’ll do it once a month, or even once or twice a week. I don’t see any fluctuation of weight because I continue to eat the same amount of calories I always eat, but I eat in a shorter time frame. I primarily use it for the benefit of the brain.

I’ll leave it to Mark Mattson to dissect the mechanism :

 Why fasting bolsters brain power: Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity


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