Spiritual Worlds: Lesage and Max Hattler

Augustin Lesage. Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World

I don’t know what is about Lesage that “speaks to me”. But it simply does.

It is said that he heard voices in his 30’s telling him that he will become a painter. And that they influenced him in choosing the colours, the patterns, forms of his work etc.

Whether or not his story is valid he is definitely seeing worlds that the average man does not see. Some argue for the mystical state he experiencing, some have remarked that it resembles visions found in the psychedelic compound DMT.

I thought was very intriguing after reading the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman a while back. In short, they have discovered that it is produced in the pineal gland, often associated with dream states, after life experiences, or “The Bardo”.

It has been hypothesized that it is endogenously produced in extreme times of stress. It is known as the most potent psychedelic and least harmful, least harmful in that its structure is naturally found in the body and it produces ego-dissolving, visionary and euphoric states that are short in it’s duration.

From people that I know that explain these states, they often describe as if truth and beauty are expelled to you in a slice of time. If you want to understand more of it, I’d recommend watching videos of Terence McKenna on YouTube. 

But it’s not solely the story that arrested my attention of his work. It’s simply the detail, the finesse, the colour.

There’s a tremendous sense of harmony, proportion and patterns. Truly intricately designed. It is almost like an intricate cathedral, with a spire in the center (No Less), it appears to be beaming upwards, while there is a dyanmic sense of movement. Truly enchanting.

I had discovered Lesage’s work after catching animated segments by Matt Hattler, entitle “1923 aka Heaven”.

It is a animated expression of Lesage’s work and it’s fantastic.

If I could have a stage setup it would be like this, with moving parts rather than lighting on a flat screen, it would be interesting to say the least.


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