Creating A Massive Synthesizer Patch Collection

These are some of the titles I have in my personal NI Massive Synthesizer Folder. Just a slice of the wild things happening at Nova Spire cosmic studios.

These patches were inspired by several artists such as: AFX (Aphex Twin), Juno Reactor, Encephalon, Skinny Puppy, Hans Zimmer, Trent ReznorDelia Derbyshire, Deadmau5 and Many More! I even threw some Klomb sounds in there.

The sounds range from Stacatto Basslines, Arpeggiated Basslines, Morphing Basslines, Deep Evoling-Morphing-Bright-Pads, Analog Inspired Gear, Sound Effects, Acid Bass Lines, Complex Microbeats, A Few Leads to simply bent sounds.

As I’ve mentioned before it’s incredibly liberating to create a sound that you you can use for future projects. I want to create more, there’s a always sound that needs to be created from the ether. Factory Presets are alright but when you get into the meat of a system you can really get creative and it’s an entire new world.

Perhaps they will be for sale soon or as donation based for those that wish.

Synthesizer Titles

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