Time is Not For Wasting – Make The Best Of Use It

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

If you ever had the problem of procrastination not being able to get through to the goals and activities that you wish to be done, perhaps Manly P. Hall can inspire you as he has with me.

Manly P. Hall Drops Knowledge Bombs. Here are some key points and ideas I have summed from these Manly P. Hall’s Lectures.

Here I’ll share two of his fantastic lectures which dissect the human condition and the problem of killing of time that abounds in people and what to do about it.

Time measures opportunity.

Emotions must be properly nourished: Centered on creativity, compassion and service.

Simple emotions of human relations are needed.

Suppresion of beauty is desperately detrimental.

Envy, Jealousy begins in childhood and can go on to the grave. We are to transmute and change this.

What we are here for:
We have to control the body we have.
We must be able To control and Direct the rational life. To make it beautiful.

Kindness = Rewards
Criticism = Numerous Penalties.

We must redirect our emotional resources, to handle it constructively.

Modern entertainment has it wrong by pushing fear, hatred, etc.

TV should only be watched if it is constructive.

Emotion searches for the beautiful.

Beauty is a tremendous and important ingredient of life.

We should live with dignity, gentility. So our relationships are polite and so we can do things graciously.

We are here to gain insights not into the commercial.

We must discipline our thinking.

The mind is here to gain insights of study and life of mankind.

The mind is essential for progress.

The mind can have junk-food just as the body.

The mind must discover the validity of existence.

It’s the right of all to correct mistakes, even it is socially.

If there’s a better a way of life, we should live it.

On our spiritual side

On man’s spiritual nature. Materialists are beginning to suspect this spiritual nature.

Individual will not do better until he realizes there is a ” better.”

The Spiritual tone gives faith and the divine plan of things.

All nations have had scriptures, where the creator can be explored.

Destiny involves a divine power within oneself.

The Human is here to find a direct purpose to carry on through out eternity.

Faith can redeem the individual.

Time is the opportunity for the ripening of reality.

Time is an orienting factor.

History shows us the purpose behind life.

Through history we learn the causes of war, politics, misuse of power, understanding of groups of people who learn nothing.

No one should end life without a sense of achievement.

Few people pass on convinced as far they could have achieved.

One must earn time to have time.

People only want fun and alcohol, disciplined leisure is resented. They feel they bought the time to do what they please. But it doesn’t work. You don’t find happiness here.

Every thought can lead to wisdom, every emotion can lead to wisdom.

Why should we aspire to be better? The problem of growing is that it’s fulfilling. Nothing is solved by achieving solutions.

We must transmute Suffering (Emotional) into soul power (Through the creative spirit). 

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