On Negativity, Self-Talk and Criticism


All is mind and mind is all.

Often times people can easily fall to a swirling depths of negativity. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds. Other times negativity is usually found in the environment.

It’s an unfortunate that there is no mind management classes in early education. It’s probably harder to learn as one becomes so accustomed to the way they live.  I hope it will change.

All my thoughts are based on teachings and material i’ve read but mostly interpreting in my own mind and life. Hope you can gain some insight.


Negative people are not worth your time. Negativity feeds on negativity.

These people will undermine everything you do. Steering your path for themselves.

It’s best to keep track of your goals as I have mentioned but also to keep a positive mental attitude when circumstances arise.

Don’t be emotionally carried away by externalities.

When thoughts are circling between negativity, tension, and uneasiness You gotta say aha!

Notice it. Really notice the pattern. What I’ve noticed is that it’s usually a domino effect.

It’s easy to talk about it but it’s challenging to put into practice.  But this is my understanding of it.

Emotion builds on emotion. In either direction.

This is how it seems to affect the whole self:

Thoughts >> Body >> Emotions >> Back to thought.

You think a negative thought, then you “feel” your body reacting with uneasiness/anxiety/stress then you suggest yourself the negative emotion you feel: Mad, sad, depressed, enraged etc..

That’s why Gurdjieff claimed negative “emotions” aren’t real emotions, they are more instinctive/body sensations. Noticing it in yourself is the best way to understand.

The trick is to see the first pillar affecting all others.

I find if there’s negative emotion the best thing is to surrender to it. Surrender, in the sense of realizing what it is, where it stems from and how it got there.

People like to blame others, complain and whine for whatever they are feeling. “You make me mad (sad, enraged etc.).” But by holding yourself accountable you will probably see yourself truly as you are. No BS.

Feeling someone owes you something, feeling someone did you wrong. A lot of these negative feelings seem to come from an inflamed sense of self-importance and attachment.

 As soon as you hold yourself responsible for your emotions, Your emotions can be completely driven by you.

 Once that has been acknowledged you can change it you decide to.

 I think there are a few ways to do this, one is mentally, as a mental excercise. Seeing why you are this way and see why you should find ways around it, as stated.

 Another is physically, doing exercise, stretches, breathing.

 Lastly, would be to transmute the emotion by creating art.

 I think it should be done in the least distracting states, the trick is not to forget about it while you are doing it but by doing an activity you are noticing your thoughts with the exercise you choose. It would also be beneficial that your activity coincide with your goals.

 Using yourself as leverage to change the patterns within yourself, change your state.

 As “New Age” or Zen as it may sound, the idea of staying in the moment will dramatically improve your thoughts and easily transmute your emotional state.

Self Talk

 It will make your mind more sound if you are transmuting negative emotion. When you do this, you are not imagining about past events, “I could have done this,” “I should have done that.” Dread succumbs the mind that thinks and dwells on the past.

I think the most productive thing you can do about past events is simply learn from them. IF you could have done something correctly, improve it on the next round.

That way, when you critique yourself it will only be to make you and your art a better person. In self critique and analysis you can blossom new ideas

Adapting and shifting with the problems that arise.

 I sometimes wonder if the person I talk to has a lot of self-talk. You can learn a lot about someone if you decipher if there’s a hamster wheeling of thought about going on in someone. But you can’t determine it for certain.

More importantly, if you inspect yourself while you go through your day. It’s strange. If you could interpret your thoughts on a piece paper and realize all your thoughts you will notice how unfocused it may become, it is relentless. Learn to manage it and there will be more focus.

I think the more self-talk you have, the less instinct tend to run it’s course. Seemingly the hesitant are not as instinctive – usually by nagging self-talk/doubt.

Alternatively, if your mind is constantly focusing on the future, your mind will be wrought with anxiety, “I have to do this, I have to do that.”

But when you are present, you are ready to kick some ass and take names!

 It’s not to say you can’t enjoy past moments or plan for future events.

 Creativity should flow from within when you release time and open up to the moment.

 One hint of advice of getting the mind in order would be to catch your negativity in your mind but remain unreactive, do not express it. Just look at it without judgement and carry on.


Facing criticism with your work is inevitable. Sometimes people will look at the smallest details and override the entire work.

You will have people who don’t like your work. You must not get attached to their ideas of yourself or your work, it can make or break you the same but ultimately irrelevant. If you give it your power, you give it all away.

Above are much of the circumstances of antagonism, you must not let it distract you from your goals. Again, look to yourself, do not express the negative verbally for instance. If you do this as an exercise you will catch how your subconscious mind is dealing with your circumstances, when you are noticing your thought patterns.

That is how you change yourself, through experimentation and self examining.

Some people often use antagonism and criticism as a source of inspiration. I do not see it as a good or bad thing. as long as it transforms your circumstance to help you create something that will put you in the moment and act.

That’s all.

Get back to kickin’ ass!


3 Replies to “On Negativity, Self-Talk and Criticism”

  1. Good writing and valuable information here, Nova Spire. There is definitely info here that I have to remind myself to incorporate in daily life. Once in awhile, I’ll get so caught up in the moment, I’ll forget all the training I’ve put into my coping skills. I’ll be following your blog. And thanks for stopping by and following mine. Glad to “meet” you.

    Liked by 1 person

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