What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Diet and Exercise

I have always had an active lifestyle. In my younger years while in elementary school I would do gymnastics on floor mats. It was on a team and we would do presentations at high-school auditoriums filled with people.

I was fairly active at this time in my life. Doing all kinds of flips, round-offs etc. all learned on my own playing in fields. It was great, there were a couple or 3 guys but plenty of girls. It was a lot of fun.

My father always had fitness magazines at home on the table and I would wonder how these dudes would get so big. Never becoming so interested to completely understanding their routine, until later down the line.

Then on from middle-school and high-school I had little participation in sports, but I was always rather slim. I had lost the spark for activity. After high school, I owned a bench with weights that totaled up to 100 lbs plus a small set of dumbbells.

I did not like being slim, inactive and seemingly undernourished. Slowly, but surely I started getting results after working out at home. I could start to see muscle development.

After working out at home for a couple of years, I decided to join a gym, and results were twofold, since I began to eat much more consciously, adding protein rich-food and doing compound exercise rather than isolation exercises.

I had a set schedule. Monday’s I’d work chest, Tuesday was back, Wednesday – shoulders, Thursday – Legs, Friday – Abs. Saturday I would work whatever felt the least sore. Sunday was the day off.

I would read and read online about fitness and nutrition. Read back on old magazines. I could not let more than 2 days pass, for I knew that if the momentum of working out was destroyed it will become difficult to return. I made it a HABIT. As it continues to be a habit in my life today.

Bruce Lee Lats

I always loved Bruce Lee and his martial arts films and philosophy. That is why my initial goal was to become ripped like Bruce Lee. Gain his strength and tone, I always believed he had an excellent physique. As well, his concepts of self-knowledge, training and thoughts of mind over matter have always intrigued me.

When I look back at times of my development, I begin to consider one thing that always remains the same, thus making it the most important aspect of building muscle, diet, exercise or building anything, in fact:


Hacking away, using the axe on the tree, blow by blow, until it comes down to where you set out your goal. Consistency and persistence will keep a man going when obstacles and doubt begins to arise. You say to yourself “No, We did not start this line to break it in the middle.”

Have consistency and persevere in your endeavours and it will develop your character.

Develop your character, and you will become a great man among men.


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