Aphex Twin – New Album “Syro” – Sneak Peak

Aphex Twin aka Teacher, returns with his new album Syro. Though fans that have been following him for a while know there’s always new music cooking. The interent exploded with his highly-esteemed 13-years-in-wait release,

I’ve already suspected two of Aphex Twin’s track according to Warp records dubbing Track 1, on the Album “The Manchester Track” and it being what was dubbed for during a live set in Manchester in 2007 and it had been uploaded.

**EDIT Aphex Twin Track Confirmed **

Similarily, this track was suspect as it had the same length and tempo of Track 2 off Syro.

If these tracks are any indication of what Aphex Twin has been up to, this is going to probably be my favourite release of the year, plus my favourite of his too.

Funny enough, I’ve been tuned and turned on to these track for a while, the fans and the publishers of the youtube accounts changed the filenames accordingly, since it was announced and the track names and bpm were out of the bag. Though, I still believe these are rough copies and shouldn’t be dubbed as the final mix. Really excited for this release!

You can find my Aphex Twin Remixes here.




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