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How To Build A Positive Identity And Have A Creative Edge


Nicaragua 2009

Escape vs. Exploring

 There are two ways to look at people with drive. One is a passive and the other is definitely more active. The difference between the two is expression, attitudes and having a common goal.

 Escape or escapism is a very prevalent method of coping, adjusting, ignoring all of one’s internal self, limitations, the path of least resistance and ones problems.

 Exploring is it’s active more attractive cousin. Exploring your self and potentially sacking out your limitations, challenging yourself, establishing your goals and realizing your potential.

 I would argue it is the masculine form of entertainment, it is going out and discovering yourself rather than passively consuming, television, works of fiction etc. (Using feminine and masculine as passive and active dichotomies, respectively.)

Escapism is too common, I expanded on this in my message to all artists post.

 There are two ways of getting things and there are two kinds of people in this reality.

 Unfortunately, escapees has been the generalized and institutionalized and often the promoted lifestyle of modern existence. It is a kind of complacency to the way things are and I think this is a terribly misdirected falsehood.

Self Improvement

 When you explore yourself through books of self improvement you naturally cultivate a natural positive attitude and a new understanding.

 For two reasons, one being that you can have more sympathy for your fellow-man, in this fact, this realization allows you to acknowledge that everyone is fighting for their mission.

 Secondly, is that one must choose one’s destiny and you must do what you have to do.

 The positive attitude is also sustained by propelling yourself with sequences of actions through self-exploration.

 When you have goals and you achieve them, it becomes a positive feedback loop Thus, there is strong logical motive to explore your self and enhancing your self for self-improvement as well as having a positive attitude. It all builds up to formulate positive identity and good opinion of yourself.

 Exploring takes time it is tedious, hard work. Escapism is usually instant gratification.

Exploring makes you feel good about yourself, it is rewarding and inspires you in the moment. A recent study has even claimed exploring novel environments improves motivation.

 Escapism rewards differently.

 Rewards and incentives

 But one can con themselves saying it is rewarding when it is not. They say that they are exploring themselves when they are not. This is also a false buffer that we create in ourselves. We lie to ourselves saying we are exploring something. We say we are studying something but it does not help our long-term goals, or we are coming to understand concepts that we seldom implement into a course of action.

 It is very simple to lose oneself in the rapid stream of activity of modern life, there are many things to distract you from yourself, including:  people, work, television, movies, music, drugs, or insert your vice.

 Even things that have potential for exploration and actual study and self-improvement, such as books. Some people use escapism as their vice. This is the worst caveat of humanity. Destroying your dreams, pacifying your consciousness and anesthetized your passions.

 But it is ultimately up to you. Some people don’t ever have a choice.

 Self Concept and Self Deception

 Self-conception, self-awareness as well self-reliance and self-improvement, in my opinion they go hand in hand. It’s not for nothing that wise men in scripture always attest to knowing thyself.

 Exploring yourself allows many new different ideas to unfold. When you explore yourself and are not done away by escapism, you can organize your thoughts much more clearly without outside influences and deterrents (aka ruiners) of your dreams, your goals and your mission.

 Escapism is far more destructive than what I think society deems is acceptable. Facebook activism, Television, Video Games, Forum and Chat Rooms. If you are not using these means to monetize or establish your goals then it is a waste of time.

 There must be progression. Or you can continue the mindless activity and not really achieve the little inkling and sparks in your mind that ignite a fury during bedtime. You know what you must do. We all do.

 One must proceed without lying to one’s self.

 I believe the best way to get more out of life and to progress, is to realize in yourself, in your day-to-day activity,  is this a plus or a minus. Simple, nothing too much to say for semantics. In other words, you must weigh your intentions towards your activity and decide whether it is escape or exploring.

 I think it’s optimal to share time with people who allow you to explore oneself positively for the better.

 Rather than wasting yourself daydreaming, passively escaping away to something or with people who do not help you. It would be more apt to do something that requires more mental stimulation or is more appropriate with your goals or maintaining some kind of personal development or enrichment.

You can plus your self or you can minus your self. It’s now your choice.


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