How To Force Creativity – In The Moment You Need It


It’s become a cliche of artists to not force creativity. I strongly believe you can force creativity.

Countless times, when working on some kind of endeavor I find myself looking at the clock in the end wondering how I finished and interesting piece of work.

I think you can force creativity, most definitely. But like anything it is a muscle that needs tweaking. So to develop the creative muscle, I share some ideas that I think most promote instantaneous jack-knife creativity.

Make it a habit

Make what you do a habit. It can’t be stressed enough. Do it more than work. Close out any content or people that does not ameliorate you in the creative game you are playing. Whatever that may be.

You want to make your practice a habit, potentially scheduling your work.

One method is to simply mark down the days you wish to accomplish working on your creative endeavor and X it out on your calendar. When you write visually where you can see something everyday, your goals, it will light a motivational fire under you.

Habits are very important and you’ll find that they can make or break a man. If you can analyze the habits of unsuccessful people and successful people, you will see a pattern.

Benjamin Franklin had a simple question to ask himself during the evening, “What good have I done today.”

Study/Collect Data/Research

No one is perfect 100% at what they do. But when can always study something in one’s field. If not study you can collect information in your field.

For myself, when it comes to crafting music, I force myself to create hundreds of rhythms for instance. That way, I will several rhythm patterns I may use in instances that require a quick entry. You can adjust this to embrace new ideas to help your aims. It does not have to be music related.

Cycling through pieces of older material you once created in hopes of using it again, is quite smart. You create certain rhythms that serves a song much better and you can recall it from computer, with minimal effort, as long as it serves the song.

I’ve mentioned doing something like this before in how I come up with my song ideas.

War of Art

“We must do our work for it’s own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause” – Steven Pressfield

A very interesting book in concept is Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art,  Break through Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. I encountered this book by his interview with Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Pressfield takes the angle that most creativity that is stifled is merely a form of resistance. He goes into detail how everything that is not our task, not our craft, our art is a form of resistance.

Procrastination in all it’s form is resistance. Yapping away not doing your work? Resistance.

I like his stance on this because it hits you when people are complaining about something, they are merely resisting what they should be doing. Resistance is very reflexive and critical in nature. Any form of inaction is you abandoning yourself to resistance.

It is not complicated. Any action is better than no action. This is one of the notions I’ve struck since the beginning, always  keep striving to create more .

Some of the frames of my mind I would like share and for you to keep in mind as readers and as creative people, from the war of art would be are:

One should always be self-validated. Know and trust yourself.

Do not Identify with your losses and do not identify with your wins.

Keep Moving Forward at all times.

Do The Work. Full throttle.

Until next time.

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9 thoughts on “How To Force Creativity – In The Moment You Need It

  1. Reblogged this on Your Inner Art and commented:
    As creatives, the striving to create more and learn more is constant. This drive shows up differently for each person, but there is the same flame of desire that ignites us. I am learning so much about myself as I create every day. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it “seems” to be a failure – but I always learn something. The more you focus on a particular area in your life, the more it blooms. Grab your crayons and bloom!


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