Do Hours Make Mastery? What Is Needed To Be A Master?

They say that you need 10,000 hours in order to develop Master. This is the notion that keeps making its mark from Gladwell’s book the Tipping Point. He has since retracted his claim, retouching it as a simplified theory.

I thought it was intriguing. The author Tim Ferriss in lectures he claimed that you do not need that many hours. I tend to agree with Ferriss on this. You will need 10,000 hours if you are terrible at what you practice.

There is a difference for people who have learned how to learned. If you can get the rudimentary of what you are trying to learn, Ferris says that we come to understand what we are learning much more efficiently.

So you have look at how you are learning and how you are practicing. You can always accomplish what you wish in a more precise, efficient, concise manner. And once you achieve mastery you can lead in your field.

Not everyone is compelled to transform into a master of something. It takes an unbelievable amount of discipline and self-mastery.

I imagine the greatest hints to success would be to ally yourself with a mentor, or some kind of apprenticeship. A mentor can be a tremendous help in guiding you, but you are still the one that needs to put in the effort in for yourself.

A mentor can also serve as inspiration. Your lessons and guidance will all be filtered, through the lens of your mentor’s previous mistakes, or the mentors that came before him.

I assume Beethoven, Mozart, Bach had great mentors or influences on them when they were beginning. If you are to review these greats, and their lives, Even without looking at their biographies beforehand, I presume they had a substantial amount of guidance and gained good traction from that.

I would advise in following the steps of greats, if these are some shoes you wish to fill, a guide is an excellent help and shouldn’t be understated.

If you can not find mentors, or guides or something similar, look to people you aspire and admire to nourish yourself and propel you to how you want to create what is you would like to accomplish. I no longer rely on any one person for my inspiration or as guidance. I look for it anywhere I can. Along the way, you will also remember to keep your goals in your mind at all times.

I believe there comes a point where you can no longer have any use of mentor though, when it becomes more about self-discovery and self-learning. Knowing the time to let go of the help, in a moment of earnestness can aid in withholding potential.

As Bruce Lee would say all knowledge eventually becomes self-knowledge.

I also tend to agree with his thoughts on duality, especially on becoming a master. It is a good topic for another post.

If you can’t have a mentor and you’re going nuts in looking for one, you don’t need to look far.

I wish I had the resources available today when I started out.

There is endless learning material. The internet is now filled with people to teach you anything you desire! You just have to look for it and ask.



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