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Ottawa Dubstep Artist/Producer: BLU3 BL00D – “Past Is Death” Album

BLU3 BL00D Venezuelan (currently in Ottawa) Bass Musician, Hip Hop Beatmaker and working as audio engineer since 2007 (Ciudad Guayana).

I rarely review, but here I will review a producer in my City, Ottawa – in support.

Past is Death (2014)

Hysterical Silence opens with a passage of dark hued atmospherics and brightened upon and built with conga percussive like elements. A sequence of liquid metal swarm as the drop begins to entangle with new rhythms. There is an onslaught of rhythms and counter rhythms. Eventually uniting a trap and dubstep cohesion. I imagine the Hysterical Silence as an element of suspense.

Ride Neptunes Son opens with a rhythmic melodic element. And Returns to slap you in the face with OG wubs and hi-tek. There is a lot of between the sounds. The breakdown its very reminiscent of original dub music with its delay effects. Distorted drums and effects come in the fora and builds to release us to the break and drop.

At first listen, Static Run was easiest to dig the vibe. Lots of synthetic effects and distorted growls and latin-percussive elements. We are present with an onslaught of new bass synthetics and it feels we are entering new rooms and forms are dissolving and encircling around. Really fun old school break used, there are a lot of talking entities talking and flirting in the background of it all.

Death Sleep has a lot of sycopation. Lots of dark machine elves talking from the other side to introduce us how to drop basslines. Some interesting mysterious and ominous piano chords flow in and out the sounds.

Trustkiller is a very atmospheric intro and atypical percussive elements – rarely used in mainstream dubstep. A lot of invisible sub-territory here.

Health Phobias is another favourite at first listen. Probably the most intricately pleasing rhythms for me here. I love the subtle adding of rhythmic elements as the track strolls along, as well as the gaps between adding new elments to the track.

I leave you all to investigate the bonus track!

This is not your typical mainstream  dubstep sound. In Past is death, the sound feels as though it is a traditional throwback to the original UK-dubstep sound. Something about the production feels very Lo-Fi and underground if you will, as if you’re crawling through a merky sewer. Highly rhythmic and vibe oriented. If Past is Death, then future is perfect, I’m sure there will be more to come from Ottawa Bass music artist BLU3 BLOOD. Check it out!



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