Replica 114 – Sci-Fi Film

This is a project I scored music to, Replica 114. I was asked to do it since December 2013, wrapped around April 2014. I was ecstatic to do it! Started off doing several demo projects and brainstorming ideas early on. Then got fully into the thing. The music cues work as a manifestation of the main character Alex as she progresses through the story. This was a good film to showcase my emotional range, as I used an assortment of chords I rarely use in my own personal music.


Feature Film
Writer/Director/Editor: Jeff Brewer

“Set within a testing facility, female android Alex 114 is subject to cruel treatment under the surveillance of her human creator, The Superintendent. Plotting against him with her fellow inmates, androids Yuri 113 and Kyle 112, Alex finds her humanity and desires to escape.”


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