How I Remixed deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang

deadmau5 nova spire remix art

How I Remixed deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang – (Nova Spire Remix)

I really dig deadmau5. Specifically for this track and some of his new album. Fantastic mixing skills. When I compare tracks to other professional producers I still prefer the way he renders his sound.

It’s pretty inspiring to me. So I did a remix to deadmau5 new track Phantom Can’t Hang from his new album, “while 1<2”. Testing things out. Playing with the melody.

I wanted it to be more aggressive. So I went a more industrial route. While also adapting the melody so it did not feel as uplifting. Also changing the pitch of the haunting vocal elements that came from break. Which I thought was brilliant.

I used a little a/fm ringmod throughout the bassline in instances to add spice and some dissonance. In this case, I almost use it as a fill. Lots of distorted synth fragments too. There’s a lot going on rhythmically. It was fun to create!

I thought the soundcloud image was suitable, with a Nine Inch Nails meets hell raiser feel.


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