Gather Inspiration From Everywhere

A true artist can find anything compelling. Anything can be interesting. Boredom is often a term expelled by those that are boring. I’m looking at the textures of my closet door, they are rippled, white and they remind me of throwing stones into a pond, the way the waves ripple and echo. It is pleasing to the eye and I become curious about how the pattern actually came about, where did this piece get manufactured etc.

Thoughts can go so deep when you become interested in the things around you. You can easily draw inspiration from anything, no matter what it is. That’s how I was inspired to create my piano LP I get inspired by a lot of things. Comparing, contrasting and questioning and gather inspiration. If you can gather inspiration from everywhere, you become more childlike.

Through the eye of a child is where there is the most imagination. I believe this because a child is not set in their ways, they are not as bombarded with information on a global scale, they are carefree, their sense of time is infinite. They are much more in the moment. Everything they experience is completely brand new. All experiences are like a brand new revelation (kind of like the stereotyped person high on drugs – “whoa man!” haha) Emotion and excitement is easily stirred from a child when they don’t understand the ideas of modern living and a lack of spirit society seems to perpetuate, rolling in a mundane existence. If you see the world as a child again, your sense of exuberance and imagination will be enhanced. I’m not saying become a child, I am saying to perceive like a child. No inhibitions, pure energy.

If you gather inspiration from everywhere you will need a notepad. A notepad can help you organize your ideas, prepare to do lists. And generally equips you with the tools to get your imagination locked down and set free. I write down a lot these days, it definitely helps in organizing. Another route would be to use your phones memo/notes function, and whenever you have a great idea, you can tap away at it! In to to your phone, prepared for the next time. Because with so much inspiration and your goals always on your mind you will always be jotting down something for you next endeavor.

These are just some ways to gather inspiration from everywhere. A Tesseract-like questioning, where your questions roam into a tunnel of more question and you are left to imagine, This idea is very similar to perceiving as a child because a child always asks questions and shows no fear in questioning. To experience this way you must see everything as brand new. When you are on your quest to experience new moments, questioning, you can gain new insights, artistic momentum and a sense of wonder. That will lead you to write new ideas.

These ideas seem simple at first glance, but having compiled them, I know the application of them is righteous. External circumstances beyond our control may make us lose this imaginative perception and its significance in creation. I believe it can be captured when we set ourselves to look in a different perception, a different vantage point, standing beside yourself you can see your self better and perceive the world in a new interesting way!



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