How To Come Up With An Artist Name

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What’s in a name? A hell of a lot. Given names affect how people perceive you, so it should not stop at an artist name.

I write this tongue in cheek, but I think there should be purpose behind your artist name. An artist should get that perception is everything, so they should be inclined to come up with a fitting artistic name. And an artist name need only do a few things to be a great artist or band name.

For instance, providing a visual the audience will have imprinted in their minds, a memorable name. The word can be made up even! It conjures up an image in in your mind like these influential artists, “ Sphongle,” “Tangerine Dream,” “Nine Inch Nails”.

I’ve heard some interesting and tepid artistic story names and meanings behind them. Artist sometimes are adopted from unusual, funny backgrounds. Some are just completely random and pointless.

Ultimately, I believe it’s going to be a internal reflection of the creator at the time.

A second point, I believe a name should have multiple meanings, it’s always interesting to be sphinx like. It can’t be thought of on the fly and risk it sounding to silly or unmemorable. Unless, you are a silly band, if you are, go for it.

Multiple meanings is always powerful, the artist can even say it means one thing, and say “No, it doesn’t mean that”. Always funny.

Thirdly, it should past a monthly test, is it still interesting months long down the road? I heard this before. It was probably Trent Reznor.

Last of all, the name should mean something to you and be cool have meaning to YOU.

I thought of “Nova Spire” in my early 20s. In my opinion, it was fairly ambitious and ostentatious at the time, at that age to brand myself that and the implications I surmised. A little naive, but I knew the spark was there.

I knew this because I was fairly efficient in my work and production. As well, I knew I have a message with my body of work  and something to convey and could do something unique.

Nova Spire has a lot of meaning as far as I’m concerned. It didn’t just fall on my lap, I had several reviews in settling to this name. I’m not sure if everyone understood the origin or meaning but that is the most interesting part, coming up with your meaning for it. There are several implied meanings when I created Nova Spire.

When coming up with the name Nova Spire I wanted to convey something grandiose, powerful, it is the impetus. I wanted to produce imagery in the mind, multiple images, I wanted a name to be able to use the word through it’s Latin etymological roots, ie. Nova (New) Spire (-Spiro, Spirit, Essence, Breath).

I wanted a sense of dichotomy between words Nova/Spire a yin yang in a sense. As one side is more space/technology oriented and the other being more church related. One is feminine, the other masculine ( . The Spire is the pinnacle, it’s my effort to reach above the peak, beyond the stars, to the best of my abilities.

Some people are quite perceptive according to titles I have released in the past and have suggested what the Nova Spire is to them and I’ve heard people ask me if it is a space ship or vessel of some kind.They probably came to this conclusion from a title in my Visions EP. Everyone has their own perception things.

The Nova Spire is many things to me but overall it is a beacon that I can share my aspirations with people, it is the subliminal subtext.

I can create something interesting and share or find cool things and explore cool things and share with people. And hopefully, it can spark imagination, creativity in others as the effort in doing the work brings to me.

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