Time to get Pumped: Music Study

Fitness and Music are a big part of my life. I’m always banging something out. Whether that be banging some keys, a dumbbell, guitar or a barbell something is always moving. I’m always attempting to improve myself in one of these aspects.

Recently, a study came out saying what most people that are fanatical about getting physical and music can tell you intuitively. When working a big sweat, you can increase your sense of motivation during the particular exercise, if you have the right musical content. Music can set the mood for the right occasion.

Studies have shown that listening to music that fits the cadence of what you’re doing — running, cycling, aerobics — makes you work harder.

“The metronome aspect— the synchronization of movement to music — is the most important,” said Carl Foster, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse.

When I want to do some running I put on something at around 140-160 bpm. I find it is a good jogging pace and there’s still room to move quicker.

This study reflects back on an older post that I created, on a study of mood and music.

How we perceive the music and the content and instrumentation can all have an effect on our mood as the research suggests. It’s a remarkable system that comes to play with music and working out. To me it can serve as the key starting mechanism as to which sparks us to initially get moving. When we begin to move, our brains are sending messenger signals that it feels fantastic. Its a dopamine blast of productivity! The Music only serves to enhance the messaging.

In my experience when I want to do heavy lifting, I prefer something aggressive, yet slow in tempo, so that the repetition i’m doing can be set along to the pace of the music, while keep the intensity and the overdrive and tension of the music. The best example I’ve come across for working out to and the sparks a pavlovian response within me has to be Rammstein – Sonne. Very slow tempo at 76bpm, yet very aggressive guitar.

On a side note, I’ve present in an earlier post that I think mind is a very important aspect in developing in a person. I think meditation is beneficial for most people and it’s easily forgotten about. Likewise,  I don’t think forgetting about the body is wise either. Obesity has become a huge problem (No pun intended).

Moreover, I think working out the body can be akin to a meditation because you are strengthening your willpower, determination and discipline . This may be intangible or immeasurable but I believe these ideas can be adopted and used for other endeavors.

I think health is neglected too often in this society and that goes for health in all aspects of life. I believe there is good correlation to mental toughness, motivation and drive to achieve.  Any excercise that gets the blood flowing to the brain can’t be a bad thing! Heck, they recently found simply walking around boosts creativity. Imagine what an hour at the gym can do.

They say it can alter your perception of time by distracting. But I prefer to believe that our brains are recognizing time accordingly to what it is confined to, if the beat of the music is slow, the perception of time may seem moderate or slow. When it is fast, we feel that time moves more quickly as we are moving along. So plug in your favourite tunes, hit the gym and let’s get a workout in! You’ll be glad you did. That’s where I’m headed now!


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