The High Energy Protons – New Synthwave LP

Once again I have released a new LP on bandcamp! Yes, it is a reference to a Juno Reactor track as The High Energy Protons!

I wanted to go for an 80’s feel with a loosely based storyline. I used elements of 80’s synths that appeal to me and I added different techniques.

Compared to my previous releases such as Klomb and through the Nova Spire moniker it is more upbeat and less serious in its tone.

I prefer to change feeling otherwise music can become monotonous and tedious doing the same style repeatedly.

It’s far more exciting to challenge yourself into something you had no idea you can pull off!

This is a side-project of Nova Spire as The High Energy Protons.

A light breeze on the skin, the sun heating our souls, pulsating basslines at the discotheque. Cruising, rolling up to where? Who knows? Who cares. The night is ours. The air is electric. Skipping Heartbeats. Glaring turn signals. Headlights. Surrendering to the night. Racing rivals. Throbbing desires. Ambition. The urge to win at all costs. Adrenaline maxed out. Solidifying moments and riding past the freeway city lights at daring speeds, until the lights break to dawn. This is the soundtrack I wanted to create, a cinematic approach to 80s synthwave with my own twists of funk, modern technique and more.

La Femme Mauve 04:14
Electrified 04:18
Soulmates of Funk and Beyond 03:37
2600 04:41
Jupiter’s Midnight 05:07
Neon Cruising 04:03
Lap Dread 03:17
Down Not Out 03:45
Perseverance 04:20
Credits (Mam, I’m A Racer) 04:25

Runtime: 41:48
released 05 May 2014
Music/Production: Nova Spire
Artwork: Nova Spire
Mix and Mastering: Ob. Juan Kenobi


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