On Embracing New Ideas

Earlier, I’ve been interpreting what I think makes an authentic artist here and here. These are my thoughts on this. And it it a continuation from this post.

The Authentic Artist has a constant IV drip of novel ideas being inseminated into his mind via people and their books, blogs or videos. A book are thoughts of someone else, and for a brief moment of you reading it you are thinking new thoughts. An increase in external absorption of thought, can allow you to marinate and cultivate your own vision and versions of other ideas. Allowing you to flip converging ideas into new lights. Boom!

If you align yourself with people that have similar ideals as you it may be a great base in cultivating your artistic sense of self. However, just as good, the authentic artist may deliberately wish to sidetrack his opinions to the opposite, infusing and absorbing ideas from the enemy (rival or opposition of thought.) By holding yourself to one ideology you box yourself. What you want to do is be able to say, “OK, here are 100’s of boxes of ideologies, concepts, schools of thought, I must not live in them, I must look inside, stick around for a bit and assess. Why do they think this way? How did they come to their revelations and conclusions?

By embracing new ideas you become less preoccupied, by old patterns of thinking. By cultivating new habits and ways of thinking you can organize new ideas, which furthers the motive of creativity.

You shouldn’t fear new ideas and concepts, it should be an exciting journey of continuing exploration. You use this fear as an accomplice to embrace new ideas, this can become and incredibly revelatory experience, when done correctly, it can serve as a method for self-exploration. And you go and come back, Always returning back to your center when finished with external ideas. As the ancient Greeks proclaimed, Self-exploration is the greatest knowledge, or “know thyself” .

Knowing yourself, that way, the fear will drop. Letting go of the idea of yourself and attachment to your old ideas. New Ideas Will come and go. Growth is inevitable and you can acquire some artistic momentum.

The authentic artist must constantly striving to gear up on new ideas and searching. They are like a nomad hopping on to clouds of ideas whenever they can. They read more. They are intellectuals. All thought and living is not purely from memory or for merely entertainment but it is with it’s own interpretation through opportunities of exploration.

This is the authentic artistic, never boxed in by ideas.  Always jumping in and out of them. If you enter a box and you become the box , you immediately pigeonhole yourself. So I think it is best to jump in and out these idea boxes as I’ve said before.