Keep Your Goals On Your Mind At All Times

goals.jpgKeeping your goals on your mind at all times, you are making a conscious decision to control your thoughts. It is synonymous with having discipline.

Keeping control and track of your mind is far more challenging and rewarding then just going through the motions and being easily influenced from external circumstance, it is empowering.

This is the age of distraction. People are impatient. People can’t delay gratification. Everything is required instantly. Pain and sacrifice is put on the backburner for a temporary, fleeting joy.

Today, people want what they want and they want it yesterday. The internet and smartphones have partly diminished this drive and essence of will. What Nietzsche called the will to power. It is about overcoming one’s self, evolving and apiring for excellence. This is what inspired one of my songs on my piano LP.

As we become a global culture and internet becomes more accessible, it seems accessibility is being diverted to mere attention grabbing, emotional spiking content, rather than fuel for goals or tools for educating the mind and expanding or ameliorating the human condition.

We see content and prosperous with smartphones and internet but I think it must benefit humanity. It may seem a grandiose task. However, we have the most powerful tool and knowledge resource in our pockets and I don’t think it should be used to distract and “amuse us to death”.

Some people are productive with their phones, but there comes a point where you must  clear the slate of your minds from these temporary gadgets. People do not work anymore. They are on their phones killing time.

People do not hang out with friends anymore they are on their phones. People are losing their presence and sense of reality, for fleeting hits of dopamine and approval through a phone. Youtube is also a tunnel of distraction. One has not finished watching a video before one clicks another thumbnail.

It seems to me, most of this activity comes from killing boredom, time or loneliness. People are basing their true goals and priorities very low, allowing their emotions to run them as a dog running lose with a leash trailing in the air. Internet addiction is real. Internet isn’t inherently wrong. But when it is used as a vice to shield and distract from an emotion it could be problematic.

Mastering your mind you can use time wisely. Checking your phone, emails, tweets constantly is obsessive, it should be put in perspective. This doesn’t move our ideas forward. Keep your goals in mind at all times.

Keep your goals in front of whatever it is you are doing, physically and mentally. Time is of the essence! When you keep your goals on our mind at all times, it should produce a sense of urgency within! The achievement mindset!

If you are easily distracted I’d add apps to filter out social media and streaming distractions for a period of time. When you begin to step toward your goals, you’ll be glad to get away from all the distractions and you won’t miss it.



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