The New Piano LP – Now Available

As promised , I have created and release a full piano LP, titled “Gift”. It is 15 tracks and a bonus track.

This is the bandcamp page:

I studied piano in my youth. Soaring, excelling and skipping piano grades. I was captivated by piano compositions and viewed reading sheet music as a video game. In this way, this collection is a reflection, appreciation and beauty of those times.

Some songs were impelled from strolls around my city, Ottawa. You can hear this, from my window, in the freezing winter. Some came to me when I was just around exploring the city in autumn, spring or summer. Some were inspired by humorous times and endearing moments, the beauty of nature, human nature, science space and time. So many ideas are in perpetual buzz. Ideas were usually written frantically before the inspiration evaporated.Whooshing and braking of automobiles, the frigid air, sunshine, whispers in the rain, vibrations of people’s emotion all bearing over the city can all be felt in the distance. You can feel the hum and vibrations of the city. The climate was conducive to the music in and of Itself 

Some songs are tributes, others dedications or homages. Others were written with the intention of serving as scores. There is so much that inspires me to create. But my greatest motif for this work was to challenge myself by creating transcendent, expressive pieces of emotion with the confines of piano and push my creative envelope to beautiful, rare places. I transmuted all my most burning emotions. I gave it my all and more. This is one of my proudest pieces to impart and I hope you truly enjoy!


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