Posted in April 2014

On Embracing New Ideas

Earlier, I’ve been interpreting what I think makes an authentic artist here and here. These are my thoughts on this. And it it a continuation from this post. The Authentic Artist has a constant IV drip of novel ideas being inseminated into his mind via people and their books, blogs or videos. A book are thoughts … Continue reading

Adorpheus Setlist II

Adrienne Orpheus has created a new EDM mix featuring one of my tracks.This is the second time using me in a set you can check out her first set with me here. It’s all up on the mixcloud! A multi-genre Sci-Fi/Fantasy (mostly Star Trek) inspired DJ mix to help you embrace the nerd within as you blast … Continue reading

Keep Your Goals On Your Mind At All Times

Keep Your Goals On Your Mind At All Times

Keeping your goals on your mind at all times, you are making a conscious decision to control your thoughts. It is synonymous with having discipline. Keeping control and track of your mind is far more challenging and rewarding then just going through the motions and being easily influenced from external circumstance, it is empowering. This … Continue reading

The New Piano LP – Now Available

As promised , I have created and release a full piano LP, titled “Gift”. It is 15 tracks and a bonus track. This is the bandcamp page: I studied piano in my youth. Soaring, excelling and skipping piano grades. I was captivated by piano compositions and viewed reading sheet music as a video game. In … Continue reading

A Joe Rogan Dream Lesson

I’m not superstitious when it comes to dreams but I do believe we can grasp thoughts that are stirring within our subconscious, many ancients and tribes believed they carried and served as premonitions of future experiences. Dreams can represent our subconscious symbolically. I think dreams are attempting to reorganize our ideas and they can be used … Continue reading