Why The True Artist Must Be A Non-Conformist

It seems that nobody wants to rock the boat anymore. Many people solely live to imitate and speculate and ask questions to the  authority. Without introspection and zero musings on one’s own person. That’s all conformity is in reality. I think if anybody is an artistic individual and engaged as a person, they must be a nonconformist. This is a part of my series as a message to all artists.

 Conformity is a very convenient tool. It can not be denied. Going with the grain can even seem appealing at first. There are many reasons to this idea. Being a conformist is easy. It is easy because you do not have to think, it cuts out the time and rational thought. Being a conformist, you are safe. There is safety in numbers.

But by becoming a non-conformist you easily drive yourself into a state of uniqueness and individuality. As an artist you will want to be your own person, with your own unique ideas of how to see art, how to see everything, realizing what you value. Being a nonconformist you naturally become unlimited in your capacity to decipher your own opinions with critical thought. Conformity is limiting. Questioning the routine and quota of the day to day, it makes us more critical and our unique person, we can garnish a sense of pride and honour in having gone against the grain.

Having your own self-definition allows for you to realize what makes things right and cool. It is lively and invigorating to think for yourself. You come to realize the “hip” or the “trend” didn’t become cool because everyone did it. It became cool because one person had the gall to think differently and stick with their own guns while everyone else admired in awe and became followers.

“I don’t know if I’m cool or not, but I’m incredibly resistant to any effort to make me think I’m uncool.” – Terence McKenna

From time to time you will want to ask yourself, what you are doing, why you are doing it and why does everyone else do it that way. Can it be done differently? These are questions that invigorate your sense of what is going on, what is happening around you. If you ignore your conventional day, by doing your work differently or doing it in a more conscious manner by asking questions, you will slowly begin to emerge and form your own path.

If you want to be like everyone else that’s fine, but you also can’t do the opposite for the sake of doing the opposite, which is a meta-conformity. Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks of an inner voice that should be use as a guide and I agree 100%, that way you don’t get bothered by the external circumstance of conforming. Think for yourself, it’s all in the mind.

Emerson had a great influence on my mind and many artists during his time and beyond. I find his writing compelling. Specifically his work, “Self-Reliance”. For a person that wishes to be free, artists or the person that wishes to live with a sense of truth and  confidence within themselves, I encourage you to checkout his work, the language is dated and it is lengthy, but it is worth it: Self Reliance.

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