Meditation is the ultimate artistic tool. There is plenty of evidence that suggests that meditation is an excellent tool for an artist looking to beef up their sense of creativity  and intuition

I believe meditation is an excellent tool at the disposal of any artist. Some people suggest meditation at least once a day for 20 minutes.

I’d say it has benefited me as far creativity and centering is concerned.

There are different forms of meditation but I believe the ones that can brush down thoughts of the racing mind (constantly fluttering thoughts) can be most beneficial. If an artist practices non-attachment fear is harder to come by. Meditation gets one centered and lifts away fear or worry. When you are not attached to the constant ideas of your self and who you take yourself to be, you can truly become your own self. As paradoxical as that may sound.

On a commentary of this video, you hear Bruce Lee claim that if you just flow with the rhythm of the dance, you will no longer be concerned, thus by emptying your mind you are no longer attached to the outcome. I love Eastern Philosophy.

According to science meditation makes us more creative and it helps us become more compassionate. By altering our brains, we alter the way we think, thereby changing the manner in which we create. 

In meditation and mindfulness, you can create a greater sense of objectiveness. You can stand aside yourself, interpret your self in past actions and reflect. It’s fantastic for operating in the state of flow, which I believe is essential for an artist.  If you are an artist, mediation may be something to consider. I will post new scientific findings in meditation on later posts. It seems to be a favorable topic.