How to Gain Artistic Momentum

After my message for all artists, people were left wondering how I produce more than I consume. I’ll call it Artistic momentum. That is what I have been calling it. Easily put, this is the law of inertia. It is a matter of making it a habit. No Excuses.

One thing usually leads to another. Start off in little bits. Bits become chunks and chunks become bigger chunks. Until before you know it, one thing has lead to another. When you’re creating and you have no ideas, you can start with little ideas, these little ideas may not be your best, but they will serve as a doormat, and blossom to more fulfilling ideas. Snowballing, dominoing your way up.

In the process, right wrongs later. With plenty of little creations dominoing their way out of nowhere, you can pile on several “mistakes”. But you should not see them that way. You can always fix your “mistakes”. By fixing your mistakes your wrongs will no longer hinder you. They are not mistakes, they are lessons. By seeing them as lessons you will gain momentum.

Do it differently. Artistically, you can do whatever you do differently, to set yourself outside of your box. For example when I produce music, I do not rely on one style. I will jump from one style to another, learning from one and implementing new techniques from other styles, thereby creating something entirely new. This will keep your mind fresh – keeping artistic momentum high.

Read/View Inspiring Material. By reading inspiring material. You will want your artistic endeavours to aspire to newer heights, uncharted territory. By understanding artists that came before you it will set you off and inspire you to want to achieve something great.

Beat procrastination. Before you know it after building something from piece to piece, you will have attacked procrastination. Getting started is one of the hardest things people say, but once you’re on a roll you feel like you can keep going on. And you should.

After all, you have to realize, you must do. You can’t be lazy about it. Realize the brain is more content in knowing that you have accomplished more tasks throughout the day then accomplishing absolutely nothing. Do not distract yourself just as the masses do, checking email constantly, talking about nothing, watching sap. If it doesn’t help you, it hinders you. We live to extend ourselves, whether that be through our art, our health, our minds or relationships. Once you are in the headspace of artistic momentum and inertia, you will be able to produce more than you consume. You will become a creator, not a consumer. Now, go astound.



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