What Is EDM? A Look At EDM And Ishkur’s Interactive Guide To Electronic Music

License Attribution Some rights reserved by Chris Murtagh

What is EDM? EDM is an acronym for Electronic Dance Music that has stemmed from the increase in popularity of electronic music in North America. It stands for Electronic Dance Music. EDM is an umbrella term, which encompasses the entire spectrum of Electronic music. It is music that has been created directly into a computer for playback, using various virtual synthesizers, plugins, effects and hardware synthesizers. EDM is recorded on a Digital Audio Workstation, it can be recorded using MIDI or Audio.  Prior to its rise in commercial success in 2010, it was loosely called electronica. There are many styles of EDM or Electronica, the scope is so large that it is easy to become confused.

But there is much to enjoy from electronic music, I believe this guide is perhaps one of the most successful, interactive and fun websites to educate people on the scope of electronic music. There are segments that have not been completed due to the recent rise in popularity of EDM and the new genres that have emerged, these genres include, Dubstep/Brostep, Trap and Witchouse. These genres could now be branched under the Downtempo section of the guide.  Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic music is often humorous and satirical but he know’s what is talking about.  But without further ado, Ishkur’s Guide:

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music


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