5 Reasons Why You Need to Join An EDM Community

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Join an EDM Community – *As a Music Producer

*This post is for music producers starting out, but it can be applied to different endeavors as well. One important service to take advantage of is to have a community of people who have the same intentions. This can not only apply to the electronic musician, but to any field. This is vital for growth. If you don’t have a community of people your are surrounded with a similar minded goal, it is going to be a challenge to move forward. You can seek out people in your area that are on the same wavelength.

It’s important to align yourself. In a positive, proper, honest community you can receive feedback and criticism your family and friends will never give you or even understand. Once you find a community, I think it is best to find someone you can have a good exchange between, with someone who can compliment weakness and strengths.

“There is no criticism like internet criticism.” – Joe Rogan

Learn from Others
You can learn from the trials and errors of other people. But you must try to get quality people, it may a challenge but it is worth it. You can learn what’s the good/bad from other people. How do you make the bassline? How do you make the melody? What is your creative process? All of these questions should merge in a cloud of inspiration. More people can lead you to proper resources and excellent reading material.

Enhance Creative Juices
2 Heads are better than 1. Whenever I had to collaborate, I’ve always made a grand effort to push myself creatively and I know my collaborators have attempted the same. We push grab each others hand pull each other up, serving as inspiration and creativity. There is potential for exceeding your previous endeavors with another person.

Collaboration between music producers, composers or even remixing are now more common and more possible than ever in this age of the internet. Remixes can be an exciting learning experience. When two forces are put at work the result is two-fold. In terms of exposure, it benefits the two parties. Secondly, when you put the music out, people who are curious will look into you or your collaborators material. I always say, collaboration and remixing is the online equivalent of jamming.

Familial and friends are good but support that come from your peers are different. When you are on the same wavelength with other people and you support each others, it’s tremendously helpful. Appreciation is of a different quality when it is with your contemporaries Support can be through promoting each others work via social media, shouting each other out remixing, as mentioned etc.

The resources are limitless. If you are an electronic musician, there is no reason to not connect with a community online. They can lead you to great websites or books that can help your aims. The resource to show you exactly how to execute and teach what you must do next. But don’t forget 1st hand experience is most important.

Here are some resources that I enjoy






If you want to give a shoutout to your favourite forum/resource, leave a comment below! So we can all learn something new.



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