How I Remixed Encephalon


If you don’t know Encepahlon you should check them out they are an Electro-Industrial Group here in my city of Ottawa. I found them through souncloud , searching for similar minded artists and looking for people to potentially to collaborate with, have an exchange with. The first track I heard from them was “A Lifetime of Puppetry” from their critically successful album The Transhuman Condition.

In 2012, I remixed that first track I heard from them a couple of months later. I had not one stem track of the original. I re-composed the entire track from scratch. The track is heavily influenced by IDM and Glitch music. I shared with Encephalon out of the blue. They dug it. Coincidentally, Matt from Encephalon asked me if he could submit the remix to the Ottawa Industrial League ™ compilation that was emerging. I was enthralled and I thought it was a good opportunity.

Encephalon, “A Lifetime of Puppetry (Nova Spire remix)”
Hard-hitting, glitched up remix of our beloved Encephalon, courtesy of fellow Ottawans Nova Spire, appearing on the by donation OIL Sample compilationfrom the Ottawa Industrial League. Featuring a variety of bands based in or hailing from the nation’s capital like Ad·ver·sary, Antigen Shift, Urusai, Iszoloscope, the comp exists to help fund the insidious League in all their doings including a two-day festival, popping off on the 27th and 28th of this month.  – I Die You Die .com

So here is that remix, which can be downloaded for free:


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