Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists

Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists

Here I have laid a stream of Artists that I believe have impacted and had a large influence on electronic music culture as well as effecting other future artists. In no particular order.

Delia Derbyshire

Delia Derbyshire contribution to electronic music, avant garde music and artists today is compelling. Nicknamed the sculptress of sound. Delia Derbyshire created her music by splicing together bits of tape and organizing them into compositions. Famously, known to have conceptualized the original Dr.Who theme. If you listen to her original work it is quite texture driven. There are even elements of techno found in original creation The music seems mysterious and strange, possibly psychedelic in nature, quite foreboding. Her music evokes a sense of mystery, dread and technological melancholy all derived and played from older machines.


“Vocoders. Germany. Techno.” You must be talking about Kraftwerk! Kraftwerk started in the 70’s. They are one of the true pioneers of techno and electronic music. Kraftwerk paved the wave for a lot of electronic artist and inspired thousands more. Arguably there is still a musical human warmth and quality to their music while maintaining a mechanical rhythm. There is also a very pop-like, memorable melodic elements that make their songs quite enjoyable and lively. It’s very beautiful, neat and highly organized and structured. I especially enjoy that their albums are just the right length.

Yellow Magic Orchestra

YMO, was ahead of their time. Using vintage synthesis, and revolutionary techniques in their videos. Their music centred around technological themes. YMO, like Kraftwerk are pioneers of the game. They began in the mid ’70s. There was a lot of usage of sound effect and older sound modules. Their approach to their electronic music was one of joy contrary to the more colder, more rigid approach to techno later to come out of Detroit. When I hear YMO I feel I am taking a triumphant space voyage, their music is enthusiastic, colourful and imaginative. Their inspiration continues to ignite the creativity in electronic musicians today.

Tangerine Dream

Another German group that grew on the scene from the 70’s are krautrock group Tangerine Dream. Their Discography is Massive. When I listen to Tangerine Dream I turn into spacedust, in a good way! Their grandiose massive sweeping chords, the arps, it draws a connection from infinite space. All with vintage synthesis. Two words I would give to friends when I’m explaining to Tangerine Dream, “ Electronic Symphonies.” When an artist on a top influential list, influences other artists on the same list, you know there is a reason why they are so revered as artists.

Brian Eno

Brian is a multi dimensional artist. A producer, a visual artist, One of the innovators of ambient music. Brian Eno has a lent his expertise for Talking Heads, David Bowie and Depeche Mode and many more. But on his own, his ambient is clearly a landmark for other artists inspiration. Time slows down and you become a part of the music, you can listen consciously or unconsciously and you can have the feeling of awe and appreciate it in its completeness. He offers a beautiful mood, in his music. Music for airports is pure beauty.

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor came to acclaim with his music vision of Nine Inch Nails. In the late 80’s he developed an electro-industrial album “Pretty Hate Machine” and came to critical success after “The Downward Spiral” in 1994. Trent Reznor paved the way for more experimental, industrial and electronic artists that wanted to experiment with unconventional and harsh sounds and samples. With each new album, Reznor offered new ideas. Offering a frantic, intricately designed record that had a highly conceptual and artistic aspect about it. Reznor, most recently has become successful in scoring, alongside Atticus Ross, for films such as “The Social Network” and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

Aphex Twin

Starting music with a ambient, techno and acid that was slowly emerging from the late 80’s. Aphex Twin, Richard D James, is a musician highly reverred in electronic music scenes. He uses several monikers. He is prolific. He has several Monikers. He also owned a little tank. Since his first album release of Selected Ambient works to one of his Last Releases as Aphex Twin Druqks. There is so much that has captured the attention and admiration of other electronic artists. Whether that be through his humorous and oftenly weirdly, awesome videos. His musicality, melody, harmony, ambiance or glitch. So much of his material feels complex and earnest in its creation. There is no denying, Richard D. James is a strong force on the electronic music scene, and that will influence many artists for years to come.


From the Early 90’s Simon Posford came to the forefront of Psychedelic-Goa-Trance under the moniker of hallucinogen. Hallucinogen had all kinds of rhythmic, almost tribal quality to the trance squelch and hypnotic in it’s feeling. With Shpongle, Posford has taken an more ambient, texture based, at moments, he uses ethnic instrumentation and a free-form approach,while remaining highly psychedelic. In addition, he linked up with Raja Ram’s flute playing to create the fantastic psychedelic pieces. Sphongle’s music has many intricacies, panning, and mixing effects to jar the most sober person. I find Sphongle music to be highly creative and lively.

What do you think of my list?

Who should be added?

Please send me suggestions! I’m curious.



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