Posted in March 2014

Why The True Artist Must Be A Non-Conformist

It seems that nobody wants to rock the boat anymore. Many people solely live to imitate and speculate and ask questions to the  authority. Without introspection and zero musings on one’s own person. That’s all conformity is in reality. I think if anybody is an artistic individual and engaged as a person, they must be … Continue reading

Meditation and Mindfulness As An Artistic Tool

Meditation is the ultimate artistic tool. There is plenty of evidence that suggests that meditation is an excellent tool for an artist looking to beef up their sense of creativity  and intuition.  I believe meditation is an excellent tool at the disposal of any artist. Some people suggest meditation at least once a day for … Continue reading

My New Piano Album LP – Cover Art

In April, I will be releasing an all piano album. This piano has homages, dedications and mixtures and my interpretations of classical-era as well as romantic period. It is highly fragmented, stylistically. These piano pieces are a collection of over a year. I created it in order to challenge myself to reach new islands of creativity. … Continue reading

How to Gain Artistic Momentum

After my message for all artists, people were left wondering how I produce more than I consume. I’ll call it Artistic momentum. That is what I have been calling it. Easily put, this is the law of inertia. It is a matter of making it a habit. No Excuses. One thing usually leads to another. … Continue reading

How I Remixed Encephalon

How I Remixed Encephalon

If you don’t know Encepahlon you should check them out they are an Electro-Industrial Group here in my city of Ottawa. I found them through souncloud , searching for similar minded artists and looking for people to potentially to collaborate with, have an exchange with. The first track I heard from them was “A Lifetime of … Continue reading

How I Remixed Meshuggah’s Rational Gaze

How I Remixed Meshuggah’s Rational Gaze

Every once in a while I like to throw a Monkey Wrench into everything. Meshuggah is a swedish extreme metal band and I decided to remix their work. Their rhythms and weird time signatures have always been a source of inspiration for me, so I decided to remix them. This is how I remixed Rational … Continue reading

Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists

Top Most Influential Electronic Music Artists Here I have laid a stream of Artists that I believe have impacted and had a large influence on electronic music culture as well as effecting other future artists. In no particular order. Delia Derbyshire Delia Derbyshire contribution to electronic music, avant garde music and artists today is compelling. … Continue reading

Klomb LP 2014 On Youtube

Klomb LP 2014 Now Available On Youtube: “Klomb” is a cosmic paradox of ancient futurism. These are the remnants of a spiritual nomad, a metaphysical journey that were channeled where time periods and space had collided. There are layers on top of one another, as it always has been. Schools of thought, technologies and organisms … Continue reading

Tool – Lateralus – Reflection – Video

This is a video I compiled for Tool’s song “Reflection” off their album Lateralus. I find whenever I need some motivation, a pick me up, I reflect back to this song, its content and it’s beautiful message. I’m glad it’s has had such a great reception. This is what I had always envisioned with this … Continue reading

Behind The Musical Brain and Heart And All That Jazz

I find jazz to be an interesting style of music. It’s not something I have on constant drip, but I appreciate the structure or lack of structure when I’m listening to an improvisation. Jazz has great improvisational technique, the intricate rhythms and syncopation and all the dynamic chords entice me, keep my attention. I always … Continue reading