Nova Spire – Visions – A Cinematic/IDM EP

idm-album-novaspire-visionsWhat I wanted to do was to create a short IDM/Braindance mini EP to showcase my musical technique and styling. It is highly influenced by Squarepusher and Aphex Twin material. I wanted to create a spectacle. Thematically there is something which connects all these tracks. A lot on this EP is related to aesthetics and uncovering textures that convey a sense of the elements. I created the cover art.

H10.Wipeout was inspired from an uncle that enjoys surfing. The track track features a very authentic drum sound. I wanted the drums to become alive and feel authentic organic. As though you can visualize the drummer. But as well that you can also visualize the fluid ocean. I created a video for this track using old footage from a surfing instructional. There are a lot of fun 7th chords and it’s good fun!

Unconscious Whisper, it’s the calming breeze, the wind that echoes and whispers between the ears. It has an interesting tremolo/panning effect.

Forest Runner is one of my favourite tracks I’ve created in the past 10 years or so. It is so highly technical, musical and it has such rhythms. It is one of the more unique and standout tracks. I also created a creative music video based on an anti-drug campaign video. It has a lot of legos in it.

The Spire has Landed. This is the Spire Landing. I wanted to make something cinematic and epic, while commenting with a very breakbeat/idm feel.

There’s also a B-side track that I created for H10 Wipeout, it was called Flipper, it’s very idm and it uses a dolphin’s laughter as a percussive/rhythmic element. Maybe I’ll released it someday.

This is my Visions EP.


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