Aphex Twin Remixes

I always have drawn inspiration Aphex Twin. That is no question. I still believe with his Druqks LP it sometimes may be overlooked and often argued it wasn’t as good as his earlier material.

But I find there’s so much to look into musically. I have done several remixes on Aphex Twin material without using any stems. Jynweythek Ylow Remix is not an exception.

I used a kind of distorted bass in which I tried to emulate, squelchy and synthetically – the feeling from Death From Above 1979’s bass guitar. While mainting the main melody and prepared piano’s structure – and using a prepared piano of my own!

The drums and percussion have a very Bossa Nova chill feeling. While the 303 acid bassline travels in an out complementing the rhythm and prepared piano in its expression.

I also added string harmonies that were not in present in the original to the melody and it gives a nice beautiful atmosphere.

On my youtube page and on the video there are links to other Aphex Twin remixes I created. I’ll add those below.  So feel free and tune in to those.

They range from Analord material and Drukqs era. Please share if you enjoy it and Thank you for listening! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrd8Vb5uladuBRFgu1Nk1Te4oK8BFTRFS