Nova Spire EP – Atlantis – Industrial, Electronica, IDM

I’m quite surprised and humbled by the attention my latest EP, “Atlantis”  has received. As well, there were quite a few people that helped share and get it out too, which I give the utmost amount of gratitude. I find the “Name your price” model functions best in fairness. If one believes the value of the record is high they pay a good share and if they can’t they can still chip in to the pot. If you like it please do download and share,  I have no qualms for whatever price because in the end it usually balances itself out.

My Atlantis EP is now available on bandcamp here:

Nova Spire Industrial IDM

The EP consists select Industrial tracks, albeit some can be consider electro-industrial/EBM/Ambient/IDM at least that is how I would categorize some of them.

I took a creative commons piece of photography and manipulated all the artwork myself.

I also made individual art piece for each individual track. I wrote on the page that it is just a tease record, and it is, as it is tremendously hard for me to keep a couple hundred tracks under  wraps and hidden!


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