Adorpheus Setlist

Shout out to Adorpheus  for creating this stellar mix of music, while featuring one of my tracks from the Holographic LP!

A mix of totally awesome tracks to get your butt moving and pull you out of your self-imposed fortress of misery. May help you to discover some new sounds and/or rediscover ones you may have forgotten.Setlist:Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma by Zedd) ZeddSilicone Lube By Feed Me She Likes to Party By KILL THE NOISELovely 2 c u By GoldfrappJitterbug System (Jungle Jitter SNES) By Flexstyle Menage a trois By Wolfgang GartnerKnow I’m Dope By Novaspire Hi Friend By Deadmau5 Destroy Them With Lazers By Knife Party Rockers By KILL THE NOSE



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