Posted in July 2013

Adorpheus Setlist

Shout out to Adorpheus  for creating this stellar mix of music, while featuring one of my tracks from the Holographic LP! A mix of totally awesome tracks to get your butt moving and pull you out of your self-imposed fortress of misery. May help you to discover some new sounds and/or rediscover ones you may … Continue reading

Some Mixing Maxims

These are some ideas i’m pretty keen on when it comes to mixing. If you’re a beginner this may help you out. Also, it is good as a tool to organize and review some of my thoughts on the subject.  Just throwing some tips out there. Most of this is based on my experience with … Continue reading

How To Use Chords To Shape Feelings And Emotions

This is perhaps one of the best descriptors of chords and emotions I have discovered online, on the I breathe music forum by Jon R. Very helpful if you are looking for that right sound/feeling : Maj triad Neutral, but also strong, simple, positive, sturdy, clear. The most no-nonsense ending to a piece, the period … Continue reading