New Synthwave Album – Rogue Wave – The High Energy Protons Youtube Link Rogue Wave You are on a voyage to a new world and you find unforeseen events and enriching characters. You meet The Old Soul Captain and his crew. The Old Soul Captain is delegating, he doesn't know if he wants to take you on. You are too hesitant. He sees potential …


NEW TRACK: Nova Spire – Wonderful Human Imagination (Feat. Neville Goddard) [Techno] Subscribe To my Channel by Clicking Here:  

NEW TRACK- Nova Spire – Above The Minutia of The City

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Deep Ambient Track For Meditation Contemplation And Prayer

After reading a positive comment on my Jordan Peterson Meditation track I decided to put an extended version of the Original with just the Ambient music. Here it is now with a liquid/cloud visual. It's in 1080p. Enjoy #Ambient #Meditation #Prayer Subscribe To my Channel by Clicking Here:

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Nova Spire – Sending Love

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NEW TECHNO TRACK: Nova Spire – Lords

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The High Energy Protons – Perseverance – (Rocky I-IV Training Montage)

I edited these Training Montage Clips of Rocky with My 80s retro/synthwave Track "Perseverance." This is a side-project of Nova Spire as The High Energy Protons.

NEW Deep Techno Track – Nova Spire – Cybercash Robin Hood

I wanted to create a track that could appear in a Sci-Fi film that is very in tuned with the times and the future. It is a nod to Cryptocurrency and Robin Hood. Picture hackers with cyberpunk undercurrents and backdrop -- they are taking from "The Elite" and Sending those Digital Currencies to other people. …

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Great New Podcast – The Drink

Check out the New Podcast, The Drink. A positive, upbeat and fun Podcast. I had a lot of fun making the intro music. First episode up On iTunes, Libsyn and YouTube Now! Check it out and stay tuned!

Is It Really Love – Deep House Track For Valentine’s 2018


The High Energy Protons – NEW Synthwave – Coming 2018!

Coming May 4th!

New Music/Video – Nova Spire – Cosmic Drip

New Music/Video – Nova Spire – Scorpion

New Music/Video - Nova Spire - Scorpion

New Music: Nova Spire – Night Lovers Glow [YouTube]

Nova Spire - Night Lovers Glow Here's an Instrumental I created today. I wanted something Rhythmic with a Indie Lofi Guitar sound. So I made it. Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. I appreciate it. Thank you.

New Music/Video – Nova Spire – Nature’s Formulas (Ambient/IDM)